Social Media Promotion

Our team will promote your product, business, music or videos on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other relevant social media networks.  We will post your content daily, up to 100x per week. You supply the promo material. We will provide proof of posts every Monday in PDF form directly to your email. Get Started Now.Learn More

Spotify Promotion

Whether you want to get more fans, boost sales or just drive in new listeners, Promoticed has the solution. With Promoticed you only pay per conversion. You will never pay for advertising impressions alone. Spotify track are sent to our huge partner list that includes music promoters, online radio stations, and various other outlets. Learn More

Video SEO

Rank to the First Page of YouTube Search! Have you ever wanted to get your video on the first page of search results? Now you can. Enter one keyword phrase of 4 words or more words that you want to rank for. This service will rank your keyword to the first page of YouTube search. Your video may rank for other keywords too. The video must be under 1 hour length. Learn More

Soundcloud Management

Hands on management and organic promotion for your Soundcloud profile. We will promote your tracks daily, target and engage up to 200 potential fans per day, and convert new follows and comments on your tracks. Learn More

Soundcloud Track Promo

Our team will promote your music to convert up to 1m listeners. Between ads and social media we can reach 1000s daily in your demographic. A percentage of listeners will like, reshare and follow your music. Your Music will be placed on blogs, streaming websites, Google+ and Facebook, apps and more. Learn More

Instagram Management

Hands on management and organic promotion for your Instagram profile. We will update and post pictures to your account for you. We will encourage these users to engage your posts and follow you. We will target 100s of users in your demographic. This is a 'Social Media Management' service so we will need to access your account. Learn More


What Our Clients Say

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Outstanding Experience! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Great customer service as well Ladysep
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Overall the experience was most definitely worth it & great. Willy Gachoki
Awesome experience! Can't recommend enough! I'll definitely use your services again! Cheers 😉 Holly Jo

About Us

Promoticed is a one of a kind Social Media Marketing and Management company working hard to increase your social media presence and credibility with guaranteed results. We offer the highest-quality service in the industry with reliable customer support. Our prices and services are unmatched by our competitors.