0 to 24k YouTube views in 4 days…

Wanted to share how Promoticed YouTube Ranking service helped a musician reach 24,000 YouTube views in just 4 days.

Goal was to get Alex Don’s latest music video to rank higher on Youtube search for the keyword phrase “VIDEOS DE BACHATA“. After optimizing the file’s meta data, tags, and descriptions, we needed to build viewer traction to become recognized by youtube search and social networks. Ranking on Youtube is all about having an optimized video and lots of traffic coming in from different sources.

The video leveraged our network to reach over 3,000 blogs, apps, websites and social networks while targeting potential fans in the desired age range and country. It has currently increased ranking in Youtube search out of 2,620,000 other videos!

Growth reached 24k YouTube views in just 4 days. Also gained over 103 YouTube likes and nearly 7k views per day! 75% of people who watched video halfway, finished the entire video. Check out the video below to see our results.

Conclusion: Promotion of your video is just as critical as the music itself. When your music reaches the right people, you achieve powerful results.

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