Promoticed is a one of a kind Social Media Marketing and Management company working hard to increase your social media presence and credibility with guaranteed results. We offer the highest-quality service in the industry with reliable customer support. Our services are unmatched by our competitors. Our customers rely on us to provide top quality social media services and that is exactly what we deliver.

We are always looking for Talented Individuals for our company to work with. I know you probably see a lot of companies claiming that they can help you TREND on social media but to no avail, so you might ask yourself in what way do we differ from the rest.

We are currently one of the only companies offering Organic Social Media marketing, meaning we generate natural and real traffic by talking to users rather than pushing ads on them. Word of mouth is a very powerful way to spread your content. We have worked with Models , Fashion Designers , Public personalities and business owners from various fields who needed to expand their brand and maximize their revenue through the help of social media and target marketing . If we have helped successful entrepreneurs in taking their brand to the next level , then we most definitely are able to provide those same services to benefit your efforts. We use cutting edge tools that are only available to us.

An effective marketing campaign is your key to success. If you have a Fashion Line it needs exposure. If you are a recording artist your music needs to be heard. If you are a model you need to connect with the right people . If you are a small business owner you need to increase your sales / revenues. We Have a solid portfolio and are here to deliver you results. it is very important for us to initiate a conversation with our potential clients, therefore let us hear back from you when you are ready to start working.

We are hoping to touch base with you soon.

You can read what they say about us in the review section on the home page. We work with business owners, artists, product developers, musicians, affiliate marketers and everything in between. If you have any questions about us or our services please email us before buying.

Promoticed is a subsidiary of Zen Media Marketing Services