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The Ultimate 7 Step Music Marketing System That Will Help You Get More Gigs

Kelly Cole has just released his 7 step guide to making it in the music industry. His strategy has been used successfully to sell his son’s music (Aaron Cole) who is a singer and rapper. It is a step by step playbook which will help you get more gigs, sell more music and go on tour with little or no money our of pocket.


Inside You’ll Discover:

Module 1 – How To Market Music Online Free
Module 2 – Mixtape Marketing Formula
Module 3 – How To Push Your New Album or Single
Module 4 – How To Create Your Brand
Module 5 – How To Get More Gigs
Module 6 – How To Go On A 14 City Tour With No Money
Module 7 – How To Get Sponsors
Bonus Module – Explode Your Music Income with Simple Mathematics!
Bonus Module – How To Get Your Music on iTunes & More
Bonus Module – How To Use


The DIY Vector Graphics App

Introducing DesignoPro

Hey guys,
I really like this app and I wanted to show it to all of you. DesignoPro is a revolutionary graphics app and one of the best I have used so far. With DesignoPro you get the highest possible quality graphics for your websites, videos and offline businesses – with the push of a button!

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This is because it is the first app to use vectors instead of pixels. This means you can adjust the size of each image and never lose quality. It’s a must have for advertisers, marketers and anyone looking to add stunning graphics to their websites or products. Great for logos and branding elements too.


It’s like having Adobe Illustrator… but without paying the ridiculously high cost for the software. Plus the app is very user friendly, no experience in graphic design is needed.

-Easily create jaw-dropping designs straight from your browser using our built-in templates
-Drag & Drop newbie friendly editor lets you tweak everything
-NO to monthly fees, NO to expensive software and NO to hard-to-use apps

If you are ready to add stunning graphics to everything you do,

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DIY Producer’s Mixing Guide

Introducing the Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide


Changing times have made it possible to create an audio mixing guide so simple that literally anyone could use to get professional sounding mixes that are commercial ready.

You too can have loud, punchy mixes like your favorite artists.

Even someone completely new to this can have incredible results. Because with this guide you don’t need to be an established music producer or audio engineer. This new guide is so effective that you could Get Crisp & Punchy Mixes in just a few weeks and all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.


In this guide you will learn about the following topics:

  • Understanding Sound – NOT the science behind sound but basic info to help you understand what role certain frequencies play in music.

  • Equalizing & Dynamic Processing Masterclass – Learn why, when and how to use an equalizer or compressor when mixing music. Including some tips about sidechain, multi-band and parallel processing.

  • Getting A Well Balanced Stereo Image – You’ll also get great strategies that will teach you how to use effects such as reverb, delay and chorus to balance the stereo image of your mix and learn how to use panning, L/R & M/S techniques to fix any stereo image issues.


See Guide Now


100s of Stock Videos!


Special offer from professional videographers Eric Holmlund, Leon Kolenda and Paul Counts. And unlike other stock footage offers I had seen before (low resolution clips or nearly repetitive types) these were made to impress on a high quality camera.

Check Them Out Here

These clips were filmed throughout the world and captured very creatively.

As you probably already know Stock videos can go anywhere from $30 to $75 per clip on stock video sites. But the good News is that with this limited time offer you will get 100 videos for an unbelievable price.

Get 100 Of Them Here For One Low Price

FYI these video clips include Developer’s Rights so you can now make amazing videos for your clients, and get paid for that!



0 to 24k YouTube views in 4 days…

Wanted to share how Promoticed YouTube Ranking service helped a musician reach 24,000 YouTube views in just 4 days.

Goal was to get Alex Don’s latest music video to rank higher on Youtube search for the keyword phrase “VIDEOS DE BACHATA“. After optimizing the file’s meta data, tags, and descriptions, we needed to build viewer traction to become recognized by youtube search and social networks. Ranking on Youtube is all about having an optimized video and lots of traffic coming in from different sources.

The video leveraged our network to reach over 3,000 blogs, apps, websites and social networks while targeting potential fans in the desired age range and country. It has currently increased ranking in Youtube search out of 2,620,000 other videos!

Growth reached 24k YouTube views in just 4 days. Also gained over 103 YouTube likes and nearly 7k views per day! 75% of people who watched video halfway, finished the entire video. Check out the video below to see our results.

Conclusion: Promotion of your video is just as critical as the music itself. When your music reaches the right people, you achieve powerful results.

If interested, start your YouTube promo here:

5 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Having a Twitter account has become a basic to-do for any brand. If you’re just getting started or having trouble keeping your followers, follow these tips to get tweeting in the right direction.

#1 Post Regularly

Stay active by tweeting at least once per day. If you’re not posting regularly, your tweets will get lost in the mix. Your Twitter account should be rich with content so make sure to mix it up with photos and videos too.

#2 Keep Promotion To A Minimum

Don’t post only about your business, band or product. Share articles and tweets that show some personality. Posting insightful articles, funny memes, and thoughts of the day are some of the many ways to connect with your Twitter audience.

#3 Follow Similar Brands

One of the best ways to get followers is to follow similar bands, as well as their followers. Chances are they’ll be more inclined to check out your account and give you a follow back. Of course that means your account should look engaging. This is why tweeting often is so important.

#4 Have A Sick Background Design

Having a coordinating header and profile photo make your account look legit and “verified”. Each component doesn’t have to be a picture of your band. A graphic of your album’s name and a picture of your band can be used for the profile and background. The images should never be blurry. Don’t turn audiences off at the first sight of your account. Take extra care of how your Twitter account looks.

#5 Actively Retweet Or Communicate

Part of twitter’s appeal is easily seeing the engagement between other accounts. On Facebook, not everyone will see your reply to comments. If someone tweets a joke and you reply or retweet it with an @, everyone who follows you can also see it. This is useful when you have something witty to say, or want people to pay attention to who you’re communicating with. Being one of the easiest ways to show an active profile, make sure your retweets aren’t spammy. Nothing will get you unfollowed quicker.

Twitter is more than posting your purchase link. Engage, interact, and grow a fan base by tweeting to your fullest potential.

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