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    How I can start promoting my page/video/profile?

    To start using our services please select a service option from the home page. After purchasing a package please stand by for a campaign manager who will contact you to gather further information. Be Sure To Include Your Email At Checkout. A campaign manager will reach out to you within 24hours of your purchase to confirm your order and start setting you up. Note that with account management services, your campaign manager will need to securely login to your account in order to work with you. Don't worry, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We have never lost a client's account, we are aware of the TOS of every social network and we do not do anything to violate this. We want you to feel safe, for more info please Contact Us now.

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    When I'm trying to add an order I'm receiving an error?

    Contact our support and they will solve this error. support@promoticed.com

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    Are your services safe for my accounts?

    Yes, both account management and social engagement services are safe and your page will not get blocked. Note that with Twitter Management Services, on occasion Twitter may ask you to change your password as it will see that your account is being accessed from two locations. This is not a ban but more of a precaution that twitter takes to protect you. We try very hard not to hit any limits that might cause this to happen

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    How can I contact support?

    Best way to reach customer support is at support@promoticed.com

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    Account Management: Can I trust you with my account details?

    [Please note that if you order our social media promotion services, we will not need access to your account. Only Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram management require that we have access to your account]

    Yes, 100s of others have trusted us with access to their accounts and so can you. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose from mishandling your trust. We want you to come back again and again. All personal info is encrypted and stored offline to ensure that only we have access to it.

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    Do you offer refunds?

    Refunds are available on a case by case basis. In the event that a purchased service has not been delivered, then Yes a full refund is available to you. If work has completed and you are unsatisfied, then a partial refund MAY be available. Promoticed has full discretion to decide whether a refund will be given out or not. We pride ourselves on supplying you with high quality services. For more info please contact us