Rank your video to the First Page of YouTube Search! Your video may rank for other keywords too. The video must be under 1 hour length. This service will only work for NEW videos. If your video is already uploaded on Youtube then we cannot work. You will have to reupload the video.

How It Works?
*We will work with you to come up with a solid keyword phrase containing a minimum of 4 words which your video will rank on the first page of search; Example of phrase: Best Indie Rock Music – Top American Electronic Artists – How To Market Products
*We will walk you through a simple video coding process or you can send the video to us to code and set up properly
*When the video is ready you will upload the video to your youtube channel and we will begin the second phase of the process – Or we can upload it to your channel and set it up for you
*Within about 2 days your video will rank on the first page of youtube search for the specific keyword phrase and other keywords
*Your video will generate organic traffic based on monthly search volume for your keywords


Whats Included?
First page ranking on Youtube search, Steady traffic to your video, A fully optimized title, A fully optimized description, Fully optimized video tags,and social sharing.

Want to see some example? Contact support@promoticed.com and we will be happy to show you past client’s results.

More Info: Keywords must be related to your video in some way so youtube can associate the keywords with your video. For best results your videos should be able to hold user retention. Videos usually rank within 48 – 72 hours. We will work with you to pick the best keywords to use based on search volume and popularity. We want you to succeed and come back again and again. Please contact us if you have questions.

 Video SEO
This service will rank your newly uploaded video to the first page of youtube search for a specific keyword phrase.
Rank Your Video On The First Page of Youtube
Price: $175.00